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World Meningitis Day 2020

World Meningitis Day 2020 - Member Activities

CoMO members from our three regions, Europe Africa, Americas and Asia Pacific, did lots of awareness-raising activities this year. Here is a snippet of what they got up to!

Follow the link here.

World Meningitis Day 24th of April 2020

The theme for World Meningitis Day 2020 is Defeat Meningitis. The campaign will focus on why we need to defeat meningitis and the steps we can all take to make it reality.

The key messages of the 2020 campaign are:

Meningitis and Septicemia are medical emergencies. Prevention and early recognition are key

  • Meningitis can have a life-changing and permanent impact. After effects can include: Organ damage, Hearing loss, Brain injury and Limb loss
  • People who lose a loved one have their lives changed forever.
  • Vaccines are our best tool for prevention. There are different vaccines to protect against different types of meningitis. Speak to your local healthcare provider today to learn what’s available for you.

Meningitis can affect anyone at any time and can kill in hours

  • Safe and effective vaccines are available to protect against the most common types of meningitis. More vaccines are coming, but not all meningitis is vaccine preventable, so it is important to learn the signs and symptoms.
  • Trust your instincts and seek medical attention immediately if you have the symptoms of meningitis.

We can all do our part to help #DefeatMeningitisgitis

  • Get vaccinated to protect yourself and stop the spread of the disease.
  • We can all learn the signs and symptoms so we know when it’s urgent to seek medical help.
  • We can all help build accessible and inclusive societies to support people who have been affected by the disease.

#DefeatMeningitisgitis #WorldMeningitisDay

2020-04-24: Nyhetsinslag på TV4

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